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AskChopper FAQ
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General Information
Q) Who is Chopper?
A) Chopper is our sideburn sporting friend who started this site to help people keep informed about the latest happenings in UO, both the regular news and the often more interesting bugs and exploits.

Q) Why is the site not updated more often?
A) While the news on the front page may not be updated very often, the private bugs are updated roughly once a week, and our discussion boards are always lively.

Q) Which forum should I post my topic?
A) The forum titles are fairly self-explainitory. If you are really not sure as to the best forum, send a private message to a moderator and they will help you out. Anything that is general UO discussion but is not specifically bug related should go in the “UO General Discussion” forum. Questions about current bugs, general discussions about bugs, or bugs and bug theories that you wish to be exposed to the general public should be posted in the “Bugs Discussion” forum. Any ranting and flaming should be confined to the “Rants and Flames” section, people are asked not to flame in any forum other than rants and flames. Posts in the wrong forums will be either moved or deleted by moderators, and if it becomes a bad habit of a specific user action will be taken against their account.

Q) Why can’t I flame people in any forum but “Rants and Flames”?
A) A ranting and flaming person only discourages the sharing of information. To this end all rants and flames need to be contained to the correct forum created for people to express their pent up rage. Flames in the wrong section will start with a warning and repeated abuse will be met with a ban. Bad language is not minded, but racist comments are not tolerated at all.

Q) What are reward points? What are they good for?
A) Reward points are given to users by moderators or administrators for being helpful. They can be traded in to drop your warning level if you ever get warned for flaming for the price of 5 reward points a level.

Q) Will posting here put my UO account in jeopardy?
A) Chopper has always said that he takes no responsibility for how you use the information from this website. YOU signed OSI/EAs TOS (terms of service) and they state clearly in the “Rules of Conduct” no.15 “You will not exploit any bug in the Ultima Online product or the Ultima Online Service to gain unfair advantage in the game and you will not communicate the existence of any such bug (either directly or through public posting) to any other user of the Ultima Online Service.” Quite simply, if OSI/EA can identify you and link any information to your account (if they can be bothered) you will be banned. However Internet privacy laws mean that OSI/EA cannot obtain your information unless you publicise it yourself. In other words be careful when posting to not give yourself away. Use a different username to your UO names, NEVER post your email address that you use for any of your UO accounts and NEVER post your ICQ number that you use for UO. When posting screenshots be careful of two things. Firstly anything IN the screenshot that may identify your character name, paper doll etc. Secondly where you host the picture. Choose somewhere that you can post anonymously not your personal ISP web space that identifies who you are. You wont be caught if you are careful.

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