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SeeSaw Method Explained
This is one of the most useful shortcuts in character development that you'll ever come across.. As with the 8x8 method this is far from new, but people often still ask questions about it so I have added it to my site.

Long ago in UO it was hard as hell to get your character at an ideal stat level, and even harder to keep it there. Thanks to OSI introducing the skill lowering/raising/locking options we now have a way to achieve 100/100/25 in our stats in no time (usually just over an hour), and then we're able to make sure they stay that way by locking 'em all up when done.

Here goes, follow these steps to the letter and you'll have no problems, you can experiment with different skills and see which ones you prefer to raise certain stats.

Example: Create a Dexer (100 Str, 100 Dex, 25 Int)
  • Ensure you have a total of 700 points in all of your skills. If you don't go to NPCs and ask them to teach you some useless skills just to fill up the 700.
  • Lock all you skills apart from the 2 you'll be using to seesaw. For this example we will use Snooping and Mace Fighting.
  • Make sure that you have no more than 10 points in those 2 skills combined (e.g. 5 macing, 5 snooping). Some say 7 is the ideal number to do this with..
  • Go to the Warrior's Guild in Minoc and stand by the training dummy (close to the stables, so you're close to a source of packhorses). If you can, try to get a friend to bring you a packhorse and leave it next to you (don't take ownership of it yourself or you can't snoop it).<
  • Set Mace Fighting to raise and set Snooping to lower.
  • Keep attacking the Practice dummy using a mace and your making will rise up to 10 (or 7 if that was your total of your 2 skills).
  • Once it gets there set your Snooping to raise and your Mace Fighting to lower.
  • Now just keep frantically double clicking on the pack horse (good as they don't give karma loss when snooped, and are easy as hell to snoop fast). No need to close the pack. Just keep double clicking the pack horse.
  • Stop when your Snooping reaches 10 (or 7 if that was your total of your 2 skills).
  • Return to Step 5 and repeat until you have your required Stats.

A good substitute for Mace fighting in the above example is Wrestling. If you're already a Macer you obviously won't want to drop it to 10 to do this so use Wrestling.

This method works well for just raising one stat as a time as well. For example to just get Dex to 100 try using Musicianship with Snooping. Watch out for those Int increases though...

If you're after 100 Str, 100 Int and 25 Dex for a mage then try using macing (for Str) and item ID (For Int) (some prefer Spiritspeak).
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