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Movement Based Skills
Most of the skills in UO are based on movement. When OSI issued its anti-macro code, it set up many skills to be associated with movement of your character. Anti-macro was designed to stop gaining of skills in player owned houses, but will also stop the gain of specific skills unless your character moves around. Most players use the 8x8 macro program to avoid anti-macro.

Animal TamingCampingCooking
Resisting SpellsSpirit SpeakStealth

Target Based Skills
Target based skills are those skills which require an outside target to gain. These skills usually require multiple targets in order to successfully gain good skill. One of the best ways players gain skills for target-based skills is to rotate a group of targets, repeating the process as soon as you gain skill. For example, Use the skill on target A, then B, C, and so on. When you gain skill start back over on A, then B, and so on. You should never repeat the same target until you have gained skill.

Anatomy Animal Lore Arms Lore
Begging Detect Hidden Discordance
Evaluating Intelligence Forensic Evaluation Herding
Item Identification Lockpicking Poisoning
Provocation Remove Trap Snooping
Stealing Taste Identification Veterinary

Menu Based Skills
Some skills do not need multiple targets or movement. These skills require that you progress through a menu selecting different levels of output as you gain skill. These "mule" skills use outside material and in order to gain skill you will need to move up in levels. A lot of the time you will not gain off failures (unless you are in power hour).

Alchemy Blacksmithing Bowcrafting/Fletching
Carpentry Cartography Inscription
Tailoring Tinkering

Combat Skills
There are a few skills, which are not listed on any of the above lists. These skill gains are determined on who you use them on/against and how often you use the skill. For example, if you want to gain fencing, you should fight something that has higher skills in a different combat skill; such as Swordmanship, Wrestling, or Macing. If you wish to gain Tactics, you'll do better if you fight something with the same weapon skill that you are using.

Archery Fencing Mace fighting
Parrying Swordsmanship Tactics
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