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"Stealing stuff from houses such as lockdowns if you are a co-owner. " submitted on 10/30 1:1 AM IP:

Thanks to Rocky for submitting this bug.
First thing you have to be is a co-owner of any house. The next step I will explain a little in more detal. First off, get some container (keg, barrel, etc.) and lock it down. Then, promote for the owner and (if any) other co-owners to put stuff in it. Now, normally you couldn't unlock things that other co-owners or owners lock down directly. But, since you have locked the container down, you can unlock the container and then also take the goodies inside along with you. If you have a friend that has that nice rare locked down for display, convince him to put it in the new keg or whatever you just locked down. Hope this helps with some free stuff. =D

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