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"8x8 Maps, Special Fishing Nets, and SOS Bottles. " submitted on 10/14 8:18 AM IP:

Thanks to Pestilence for submitting this bug.
I've been experimenting with this for about 3 months with pretty good success. Basicly, all you do fish until you fish up a map, net, or sos. Fishing in the same spot for a few more tries to make sure you don't get anything else from the same spot. If you get nothing, move north 8. Then fish that spot and you should fish up another item within just a few tries. I was able to get 3-6 mibs using this method within a 30 minute span.

Note from Eniale:
I have tested this for about 2 weeks or so since it was submitted and I have the following to conclude.

You just have to do 8x8 as usual just like training magery/fishing. The chances of pulling a serpent up is exactly like the gain spots while training skills. If you get the message that the fish are not biting here, it just means that you have run out of gain spots. Or in this case, good stuff.

You will not necessary get another map/fishing net/sos bottle. However, you will definitely pull up another serpent. In addition to that, you may pull up a big fish or many mess of fishes as well.

This does work like a charm however, as I was able to get 2 SoS Bottles and 1 Special Fishing Net once I got the first SoS Bottle.

Have Fun With This.

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