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"Pet Grief for Tram " submitted on 9/15 8:41 PM IP:

Thanks to DeNuBe for submitting this bug.
Just like in Felucca where you can attack a pet to get it to follow you through a gate. The same works for Tram, except you cant attack other peoples pets....or can you ?

This cunning bug uses Explosion Pots. You simply mark a rune in the location where the target pet is. Recall to your house and open a gate back, throw a purple pot at the pet and get it to come back through the gate. The chances are the owner will follow through as well but all you do is ban them :)

The uses for this bug are obvious grief tactics. Most useful are gonna be packhorses at IDOCs or those damned reg hunters with their packhorses. Imagine getting a few packhorses from the MoonGlow shop on the north end of the island to follow you through. Get a few K of free regs.

Beaware the chances are the owner of the pet will report you to GMs, so use the usual tricks such as Incog, disguise kit or dummy account. If you simple wish to kill the pet you could have the gate go to the Lich Lord room or another high spawn area.

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