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"Infinite Fame " submitted on 1/ 17 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to aolkills for submitting this bug.
Ok, seems the last patch messed up mongbat fame/ karma, now when you kill a mongbat you will get not only fame as normally calculated, but also fame calculated as karma should be. So now the lower your karma is the greater your fame gains will be.Thus: 1) Drop your karam as low as you want/can.2)Go unlock it at the shrine of your choice.3)Go kill mongbat after mongbat, untill you too have a neophythe begger Dread Lord.(Looks like at lvl -5 karma they give "a lot of fame."Because your karma lvl will stay the same now, you can do this over and over and they will always give you max fame!Muwhaha, my factioneer is gunna be lord forever :P

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