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"Revised Newbie Items " submitted on 8/ 2 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Nasty Pope for submitting this bug.
I tried starting with tactics for newbie leather armor guess it dosent work any more.
what I do know that if u start out as a warrior
on the first screan of char creation you do get the newbie leather tunic.
also I've come up with a small guide to what skills start you out with what newbie items.
anatomy: scissors 50 bandages
magery: magicians hat 30 each reg and a robe
snooping: cape
tracking: leather boots and skinning knife
fishing: floppy hat and a fishing pole
blacksmithing: leather gloves halfaprin and tools
armslore: usially get's you a battleaxe or a long sword
healing: scissors 50 bandages
cartography: sextant
lockpicking: 20 lockpicks
begging: gnarld staff
veterinary: scissors 5 bandages
wrestling: leather gloves
alchemy: mortor&pedistal and a picnh of regs
inscription: scribes pen
starting out as the warrior class get's you
1 katana 1 leather tunic 50 bandages 1 scissors
swords tactics anatomy and healing 30 and up
witch is better than just picking them in the advanced menu.
macing: mace or a club
swords: katana
fencing: kryss (used to give a noob spear) not anymore tho.
archery: a bow and like 25 arrows.
parrying: wodden shield

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