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"Unbanning account immed. after jail " submitted on 7/ 26 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to KazBeastas for submitting this bug.
This works I think only when you get banned through jail, not while you are offline.

When you go to jail and talk to the GM, and it seems that things are bad for you and it's most likely a ban, run to immediately (the speed is the prime factor. better open your browser and log in with acct/pass prematurely) and cancel your account. There will be a button that allows you to reactivate. Use it, pay through CC again, and all should work, there will be no ban. Unfortunately, some or all of your characters (it depends) can be in the jail forever after this. So, doing so, you can live in jail :) But you always can erase the chars and create the new ones... but your account age is what you retain it's for sure.

So a good advice would be to have a house owner at an another undercover account.

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