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"How to get Undead Slayer Sword Each Week. " submitted on 3/ 17 / 2004 IP:

Thanks to Minarai for submitting this bug.
I don't know if all you people know but if you ever did the paladin quest you eventually get an undead slayer to kill the undead in Haven. The interesting part is they think they have to have a young account. In reality this is not correct. My account is 6 years and this works for me. When you make a new char in an account don't go to the advanced character creation menu but choose the already made paladin template. They will automatically start you in haven with the quest. Complete the quest up to the point you receive an UNDEAD SLAYER. They usually have magical properties to them so you might end up getting one with faster swing and such. Transfer weapon to another char, sell it, and when the week is over delete it and create another one.

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