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"Mobile Dismount " submitted on 4/ 27 / 2008 IP:

Thanks to archite666 for submitting this bug.
If you create a remount and a dismount macro by recording yourself mounting your horse and then record yourself mounting your horse in uoassist, you can then prepare a dismount while on horseback.

You simply dismount (after having set two buttons, one to each macro) you then toggle your dismount on your heavy crossbow or swing a bola then click your remount macro and you will get back on your horse while having the dismount toggled! You now find yourself a victim and chase them until they stop then hit your dismount macro and then target them, you will then attack them with the heavy or the bola.

The bola works best as it does't need to weapon skill and will always hit provided your enemy is on your screen, the kicker is that your "John doe begins to swing a bola menicingly" message will have already been gone and the bola's targeting curser stays up until you use it.

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