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"Indestrucible Chest " submitted on 10/ 10 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to Nemisis for submitting this bug.
Create a chest or pouch or bag that no one can open or destroy.

With the new vendor changes, you can create any kind of storage container that no one else but you can open. And it can not be destroyed.

Take 2 Containers of any kind to a vendor you have placed. I will label the containers Container A and Container B.

Place Container B inside Container A while they are both in your backpack.

Place Container A on your vendor and price it whatever you want. Open Container A, remove container B. Place Container B in your pack.

You will not be able to open container B but you can use resources that are inside the container and you can drop items into the container.

The only way to reopen the container is to put it back on the vendor.

While its not 100% safe transport of goods, if you die and lose your stuff you can have the satisfaction of knowing that no one else will get it either.

I am sure there are other good uses, but that is all I have come up with so far.

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