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"Placing Houses on Uneven Terrain. " submitted on 11/1 8:15 AM IP:

Thanks to Ben Dover & Betty for submitting this bug.
Ok Betty and I have been going at this one for a while now. It was originally submitted in garbled form. Followed by a couple more submittance. Indevidually not making much sense but once put together work :)

It appears the old house placement bug is back to a certain degree.

However it is less reliable and works in very few places that we have found. But DOES work. If it works in one place it HAS to work in more. I have been going at this for a while now and cant seem to crack it. Hopefully with more people working on it we can eventually get it perfected.

You simple stack up two items (regs, bandies, ore) and target the top item with the house deed. This places the house a couple of levels above the uneven terrain rendering it placeable.

Draw backs are that you sometimes in some places cant get on the steps. So it would be a case of place.... sell... peg it....

As usual use a dummy account, or disguise kit coz this is highly bannable.

Because alot of people are gonna say this doesnt work here is a series of screen shots showing it working:

Figure 1.0: The Uneven Terrain

Figure 1.1: The house position on the uneven terrain

Figure 1.2: The game rejecting the placement spot

Figure 2.0: Placing two stacked items on the ground

Figure 2.1: Targetting the top item

Figure 2.2: The game accepting the placed house

In this place you CANT actually get on the house steps. But there are places where you can.

We have also recieved rumours that if you use ore to fill up the gaps on the uneven terrain, you can also place houses.

My suggestion is that you try this in various spots. Maybe even looking at places where the old bug allowd a house to be placed and attempting the same spot in Trammel.

When this makes it through to the Public section we can openly discuss it on the forums and work our way through it :)

-Ben Dover

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