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"Tips and carrymore bug for Carpentry! " submitted on 9/14 7:12 AM IP:

Thanks to Anonymous for submitting this bug.
Pre work: have box with 50 saws, 40k in wood in a bag, couple of empty bags

Go to Jhelom.

Place your boat in the water. Sail up to the bank teller. Call for you bank.

Put the 50 saws in your backpack. Put the wood, inside bag #1then that bag goes inside bag #2

Put bag #2 (containing bag #1) on the floor. Have a trusted friend on the boat with you, pick up the bag #1 (the inside bag). Then you pick up bag #2 from the floor and place it in you backpack. Have your friend try and drop the bag #1 in his backpack. Because doing that is illegal (too heavy), it will revert back to the bag that was on the floor which is of course, now in your pack :)

And poof you know weigh 40k or how ever many Boards you had. MAKE SURE YOUR NOT STANDING BEHIND THE MAST BEFORE YOU START THIS! 2 squares back at least. If something goes completely wrong, you wont be able to recall back to the boat if you do.

Ok, now macro any item you want to make, and since your overweighed, the item is not going to fit in your pack, and you will drop the item. There is a point when you will have SOO many items on your boat that the tiller man won't listen anymore. Don't panic, just wait for the boat to hit something, then log out, and come back 6 hours, or simply chop the wood. I GM carpentry in 3 days from 50 and about 40k in logs. On Gnarled staffs, (I didn't use the 8x8 , just slow forward and leave it to it :)

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