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"Amazing Double Cast! (Updated) " submitted on 9/14 8:16 AM IP:

Thanks to Anonymous for submitting this bug.
1. Make a disarm macro for the right hand.

2. Make a last target macro.

3. Cast E-Bolt.

4. Wait 'til the target cursor pops up then disarm.

5. Target the first E-Bolt as soon as you see the book leave your hand (Crucial timing)

6. THEN cast E-Bolt again.

7. Hold down the last target macro key.

This isn't necessarily faster, or the fabled triple-cast but it seems to remove some of the "resist-factor". Still in testing - Let us know what you find..

This can also be done with a flamestrike first instead. The amazing thing is you only lose the mana from the spell that you cast last! So if you do 2 E-Bolts you just lose he mana for one!

**PLEASE NOTE** From what I gather you do not see the 2 ebolts, but you should see some serious damage ;)

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