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"A couple of decent Faction Exploits! (inc. infinite silver) " submitted on 9/14 7:25 AM IP:

Thanks to Anonymous for submitting this bug.
1) Infinite Silver: get two friends to get newbie chars into factions then kill each other for silver, guy 1 kills guy 2 gets silver, guy 2 kills guy 1 twice gets silver, then guy 1 kills guy 2 twice etc. (I have had some reports that this has been fixed recently)

2) Block opposing faction members in confined spaces using NPC Faction Vendors. - There are a few fun ways to play with these :)

3) Blue healing for factions! - Go out of town, have the person flag on you, then have the person attack something blue bless them and then bless and as long as they dont recall or go in a gate you'll be able to blue heal them

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