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"Steal items from Trade Windows! " submitted on 9/14 7:28 AM IP:

Thanks to Anonymous for submitting this bug.
Great one this.. Items must be in a container.

Get your thief all dressed up nice, use a disguise kit and dye your hair a normal colour afterwards.. (Just makes you look les suspicious - If you wander round with a renamed char called Albert wearing just newbie clothes you'll be bloody lucky to get em to stand still long enough!).

Wander around yelling that you're buying good rares and gold isn't an issue.. When you get someone to show you their selection the chances are it'll be in a bag. If it isn't keep cancelling the window. Tell them you're having conn trouble and ask em to put it in a bag so you can see em quickly.. Note: You do still have to be standing next to them for this to work.

Good thing is most rares are pretty light so you can swipe 'em with little or no effort :)

Once they're in a bag they double click on the bag to show you the goods. You then steal the single item you're after and bank it.

Get out of there use your disguise kit and go to an inn or your house where you can instalog. Come back later when the heat is off :) (I've returned with another char on the same account to watch, point and laugh with no troubles)..

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