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"Don't Duplicate! Triplicate! (Blackhole Method is fixed) " submitted on 9/14 7:50 AM IP:

Thanks to Anonymous for submitting this bug.
Okay I hope I can make you understand the process I went through on this.....

1. Place and armoire on the north side of your house. Make it secure. Only seems to eat the items if they are on the north side of the house.

2. At least two hours before the servers go down get any number of items you want to dupe and pull them from the backpack into the armoire, the small one on the play screen not the larger graphic that comes up when you double click the armoire. After a few to a lot of atempts the item will not show up in the armoire (way back when armoire's used to eat items if you opened and closed the armoire a lot, (have yet to try this way) , I found out they still eat things just by accident, what they really do is put them under the house).

3. now wait until the time comes that the servers are going to be coming down, after you see the message "the servers will be coming down shortly" wait for a few mins, I waited just under five mins. Then pull out your axe and destroy the armoire. The Items that where eaten up by the armoire are now on the floor (no longer being held under the house by the armiore) pick them up and place them in your backpack

4. Now blackhole yourself. (This is the tricky bit obviously, no methods are currently available in the public section, but for those of you who know how to blackhole right now then the Triple dupe will work with your method..)

5. Come back right after the servers are back up and you will notice that you have a brand new armoire, with the items inside, and the items will also be in your backpack. And you guessed it the items are also being held under the house by the new armoire. So remove the items from the armoire, place them in a container,. Pull out your trusty axe and destroy the armoire and bing ba da bing you now have the same items on the floor.


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