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"Blackhole Method & Duping Explained (Even works with cable) " submitted on 9/14 7:54 AM IP:

Thanks to Anonymous for submitting this bug.
Get 1 felluca stone and 2 trammel stones..

Give a felluca stone and a trammel stone to a friend..

Party him and have him plant a trammel stone...

Once he goes through the gate have him take 1 step forward...

Wait for the gate to close...

Then place another trammel stone where the gate was and have your friend plant a felluca stone right infront of where your gate will appear...

Run through your gate to tram and keep running straight on back to felluca...

Hit F4 to cancel out of everything... Or have a Surge protector and click the switch and turn your whole computer off right when you hit the second gate...

There you have it, one big juicy blackhole.. This works 80% of the time on dial-up and about 60% of the time with cable.. It's all in the timing :)


To dupe using this blackhole, for those unfamiliar with the process:

1) Put a cheque/castle deed in the bank for 3 hours (Don't use items as there's no way to change the id number they have) - Use a dummy account. Not your real account..

2) Remove the cheque from the bank and go and put it in a chest in your house or give it to a dummy account of yours that you have on at the same time using a program similar to Multiplicity (See links to the left).

3) Go and blackhole the char that was holding the cheque in the bank.

4) You'll know you're blackholed as you won't be able to log back on until server up the next day. If you can then you haven't blackholed..

5) Now for the most important part of duping.. Making sure you don't get caught.. Get yourself to the bank with the char you just gave the cheque to and start to mix the gold from the cheque with other piles of gold in your bank. Then go and get a house deed with the cash, or get another cheque, then repeat the process again just to be on the safe side..

6) Log on the next day with your blackholed character.. Repeat Part 5 (launder the gold) and there you have it.. Twice the cash you had before ;)

Get going before it gets fixed ;)

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