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"Dye Stuff Purple! Including method to dye weapons! " submitted on 9/14 7:54 AM IP:

Thanks to Anonymous for submitting this bug.
A lot of people know about how to make the light purple spell book, but i have an addition to that.

First you have to be in factions and you have to be in possesion of a sigil (your own will do) - this gives you that light purple color..

To make an item permenently that color, cast a spell that takes a while to cast and before the spell is finished remove any item you want to stay purple off your body and it is perma purple.

It gets a bit trickier with weapons because as soon as you unequip spellbook to equip wep, the spell stops along with your chances of making a weapon purple..

The trick is to use a charge in your rune book (note: you dont have to have a spellbook in your hand to use a charge) while having a wep equiped and remove the wep right after using the charge, before the spell is finished.. Another method to do weapons is to use a scroll rather than your spellbook :)

Voila! You now have a perma purple weapon. You can also do this with torches to get a ghost flame looking thing and other crazy items such as orc masks or a full set of plate. I suggest trying the viking sword, you wont regret it. :) (The Halberd looks pretty nifty done like this too) ;)

CAUTION!: whenever you log in with any clothing armor or weapons equipped that were purple when you logged they will revert to their normal colour..

To keep your things purple and get around this take everything off before you log, you can have it in your back pack, but not equipped.

There have been reports that if you cast and disarm 5 times with the sigil THEN THE ITEM WILL NEVER RESET BACK TO ORIGINAL COLOUR!

If anyone can verify this please contact me.

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