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"Trade Window Bug! " submitted on 9/14 7:55 AM IP:

Thanks to Anonymous for submitting this bug.
This one sounds a bit odd, but bear with me..

Okay get someone who has a lot of rares or magic weps etc. and offer to buy a bunch of 'em..

Now get yourself an armoire.

Open the armoire and give it to the other person via the trade window.. Tell them you want the stuff in the armoire because you're off to your house with 'em and you've just bought the armoire for decoration.

They'll fill it up and put it in the trade window then make sure they open it so you can see the contents (they may do this anyway without you asking).

As soon as they try to open it it will fall to the floor with all its contents inside.. Grab 'em and run! Fast!

If you can get to another location where you have a second char ready to take the armoire from you. Then get to an inn and log. :)



The armoire will behave in one of 2 ways depending on whether the doors are open or not.

1. If the doors are closed when it is in the trade window then it will go back into the sellers pack (if this happens just play along.. They'll put it back in the trade window and this time the doors will be open)

2. If the doors are open when it is in the trade window then it will fall to the floor. This is where you need to be fast and grab it :)

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