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"Use Krakens to Kill People off! " submitted on 9/14 7:59 AM IP:

Thanks to Anonymous for submitting this bug.
This one has some fun uses.

Fish up a kraken. gate to the bone knight room. Hide.. ;)

Could be an interesting one to play with this..

Also good as part of a scam..

1. Invite someone to your house so you can swap rares with each other. Make sure they have their rare with them.

2. Open a gate to your ship.

3. Go through and throw in a fishing net.

4. Wait as they pop in from the other side of the gate.

5. Use an invis item or just die with them and use help I'm stuck to get to a town where you can be ressed and then use your spare key in the bank to get back :)

6. The loot is yours as they have no way to get ressed, or any way to get back to the ship if they do res ;)


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