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"The Bank Break In Bug " submitted on 9/14 7:6 AM IP:

Thanks to Gislepung for submitting this bug.
Not as amazing as it sounds this one.. Had to put OSI off the scent though. Saying that though, it is pretty amazing. This bug will let you loot as much gold as your victim has in their bank account :) And a lot of people have a lot of gold these days :) I'm afraid you can't loot their rares, but you can get enough cash to pay for some in no time :)

Step1 -Get a vendor

Step 2 -Hide on the vendor itself.

Step 3 -Put an item that looks enticing on your vendor. Do not enter a price or enter any other keyboard commands at this point.

Step 4 -Wait for a victim *coughs* errm, customer..

Step 5 -They'll see the nice item at a ridiculously low price. They'll say vendor buy. About 1 or 2 seconds after they say vendor buy enter whatever price you want.As long as they have that much cash in their account then you'll be the one withdrawing it :)

Step 6 -Stay hidden and hope they do a lot more shopping and don't figure out where it happened ;)


This bug works as they see "XXX for 23 gold" in their vendor confirmation window and you enter your ludicrous price BEFORE they click OK.

As always be careful. Use a dummy account, problem being that you need to be friended to a house. If you do it right though it'll be a while before they realise what has happened and they'll have to remember which specific vendor they bought from, even if they make the link at all.. In fact they may never realise.. Wahey!

Hope you enjoy this first offering!


N.B. This seems fixed on most shards now, it tells you you can't change the price as someone is considering buying the item. This does of course mean that you can stalk vendors who are restocking and buy up their goods before they price them as it freezes their price change now :)

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