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"Clean out in-town NPC vendors of their day's takings! " submitted on 9/14 7:8 AM IP:

Thanks to Anonymous for submitting this bug.
This is basically a variation of the killing vendors to get coloured sandals using provoke technique, but with a slightly varied approach and use:

First load up your dummy account. I strongly recommend you don't do this unless you have a dummy account as you can easily be spotted and reported.

Start off a character with 50 provoke and 49musicianship and 1 parry (the free shield won't do you any harm, but it isn't essential..)

Head off to a popular town out of normal player hours. I'm going to use Minoc for this example as it has a lot of miners and blacksmiths there so the NPC blacksmiths have a ton of goodies on 'em.

Pop into the provisioners and buy up 8 boxes. Then head over to the shop of your choice (blacksmiths and tailors are good, but there may be good possibilities worth trying on minters, ship merchants, and real estate brokers. I've currently only verified it on tailors and blacksmiths). Set up a nice little barricade around where you want to stand with the boxes.

Leave the shop and seek out a cougar/bear/bull these are good as they aren't too hard to provoke and will kill most npcs.

Attack it with your newbie dagger, then let it follow you to the shop you chose earlier.

Step into your barricade. Put the last box in place behind you so the animal now cannot harm you then start to provoke it onto the shop assistant of your choice.

You'll be guard whacked, but just get ressed when you go blue and head off back to the shop. (note if you're using a "young" dummy account you automatically go back to the last healers you were ressed at.. Handy for abusing this bug).

Once the animal has killed the shopkeeper. You can loot the blue corpse of the NPC, which'll give you a head start on those standing around it wondering whether or not to loot.

From blacksmiths expect to get a good number of weapons/armour (which you can smelt, or immediately sell back to the vendor that reappears), aswell as a lot of ore (especially in Minoc). Good in Delucia aswell no doubt. Other vendors worthy of looting like this are tailors, who have some nice pricey clothes on 'em that you can sell straight back to their stand in.

You'll find that these npcs carry a lot.

When you're done, get your boxes back, pick another shop..

For some reason the vendors keep all the items that they've bought up to that point on their corpse when they die! As I've said above.. I wonder if this is useful on minters and other more lucrative shopkeepers? ;) Please email me your findings on this at and I'll update this as we go.

When you're done..

Rinse and Repeat.

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