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"Gm Bowfletching wo leaving town " submitted on 6/ 26 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Kim Deago for submitting this bug.
Trees are gone but you can still gain large amount of logs from one spot. Works on either facet. Use UO Assist and creat a macro to chop logs. Go to the two story buildings in town and start macro. You can chop large amount of logs from one spot with the old "can not put logs in pack" trick. Chop till pack is full and logs fall to floor. I gmed lumber and bowfletch and never left Britian. Safe way to gain in Felucia. Works in any town, either facet. After shard maintance I have chopped 10,000 logs from one building. Most buildings that are two story, work. If no one else has gathered, you can gain thousands of logs by just going to the different buildings.

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