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"A guild without members " submitted on 8/ 7 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to a guild without members!!! for submitting this bug.
1. You need to be the GM of a guild
2. Let your friend place the guildstone in his house
3. Tell your friend to remove the guildstone from the house
4. Now double click it and you get a "guildstone teleporter"
5. When you now say "i resign from my guild" it says "You cannot resign while moving the guildstone". But if you put it in a trade window and say it again it works!!

Tada. a guild without members

This bug is good for one thing.
If you want a guildstone teleporter as house deco but you dont want to be in the guild from the teleporter all you have to do is put it in tradewindow and say i resign from my guild

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