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"Stat lock bug " submitted on 8/ 4 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Brian for submitting this bug.
This bug actually hurts your character, it doesn't help you like most bugs can. With Pub 16, you're limited to 6 stat gains a day. Stat locks are supposed to make it so your stats don't get all screwed up. So, if you set your int up, and str and dex down, you'd assume you'd get a possible 6 int gains a day, and none of the other two.

However, the way OSI did the coding, you can still use up your 6 possible gains, but you don't get any actual gains. If you would normally get a gain in an attribute, but you have that attribute set down or locked, then you won't get the gain - but one of your 6 possible stat gains will still be used up. So if you have int up, with str and dex down, and you take your mage mining, then go off and spend the day casting spells, don't be surprised that you get less than 6 int gains. You used the gains up on str already - but since it was locked or set down, str just wasn't affected.

This might help people who's stats got screwed up between pub 16 and the stat locks - you have to make sure to do your stat work early in the day, before you do other things that could use up some of your 6 stat pointsday on attributes you didn't want raised.

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