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Thanks to an ancient god for submitting this bug.
1) Macro GM Carpentry on magic trees - In Felucca Delucia there are some
trees that hold the spawn indefinately of wood. Infinite wood is good, but
the problem is other players tend to come by and steal it as a falls to the
ground. Solution, use UOA to make carp items and destroy them while you
lumberjack. The macro is fairly simple, I use UOA with EZmacro: Ezmacro to
cut wood and press UOA macro. UOA to make carp item and destroy the item
type. I GMed carp in 2 full days, and also got about 92 lumberjacking. If
you don't know where the "magic" tree are, they are north of the healers hut
and west of the Inn.

2) Macro Mining - this requires a [young] account or someway to get into
Haven. Go into the haven mines with a ton of shovels, you can buy shovels
from the miners in the mine. Mine a straight line and circle back. The
spawn refreshes very, very fast and you can get unlimited ore. In about 20
hours I got about 75k ingots unatteneded. Be sure to lock your mining at 79
if your young so you stay young. The haven mines are dead on my shard so I
could do it unattended with UOA.

3) Alchemy 0-90 in one phour - this requires a bunch of mortars from an
alchemist that has made DP with them. If you use a mortar and target one of
the DP mortars, it will try to make the last potion (DP). It will of course
fail but its great gain. I got to about 89 in one phour. This burns
through nightshade fast, I used about 16k.

4) Rare "A torso" - A cheesy but new rare. On top of the temple on fire
isle is "a torso". Teleport onto the raises elevation and use the alt-f4
while holding a box trick to get under it. Have a flying tamed pet follow
you and both of you stand directly under it. Now a buddy can pick the item
up. Diffrent shards may have better items here, I haven't looked though.

5) Macro taming - a somewhat known trick. In fire 2 north of the evil mages
building you can teleport beween the wall and the stalagtites. Use UO macro
to target next and tame and let it sit there. Hellhound spawn in this area
all the time and its good for the occasional gain. Note you will not GM by
doing this alone, but any gain helps.

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