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"dark place behind the remote island " submitted on 7/ 15 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to God of the Newbies for submitting this bug.
ok, ive submitted this bug a few time, and each time i get a reply back saying that the testers couldnt get it to work, and i just realized that i didnt say which facet i was trying this on! ok, heres how you do it, first make sure your in FELUCCA, then gate off a rune, but before your gate opens, throw the rune into a runebook. then when you go through the gate, your on the remote island. stand there and wait for your gate to disappear, and then throw down an impassable object(like a barrel) where your gate just was. then recall off the island, and repeat the process for getting you back onto the island, and you should appear in a dark place on top of a stack of planks(1x1), its a really weird place, and i just know somone will find something to expliot there(possibly a perfect melee pk spot.)

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