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"Easy Killing bone daemons and bone drags " submitted on 12/ 19 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to StinkyChris for submitting this bug.
Ok, the most important thing you need for this bug is someone who can hide.

You go into the room in doom with the bone daemon quester\altar room. You get someone to go up top of the room by the little alcove.

For the bone daemon get another person to summon him and lead him into the alcove they can teleport away and your blocker person can run and hide above the tiny rock by the alcove exit.
This hidden person will prevent the monster from leaving

Now stand back and cast fire field, EV, BS, or precast direct damage, run up, click, run away before he teleports onto you.

For the bone dragon, have the same blocker hidden IN postition this time above the little rock.

Now have a dead person run down, ring the bell, and run up into the alcove. The bone dragon will spawn INSIDE and already be trapped. Go ahead and do the same thing as you did with bone deamon.

This is great for collecting items if you have high luck, bones for the quest, getting gold skulls easy for doom bosses etc!

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