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"Free Daemon Bone (necro reg) and Ancient scrolls " submitted on 8/ 4 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Ransom for submitting this bug.
The new newby quests in Haven for young chars have a few items that you are supposed to give to an NPC in town. One of the items is Daemon Bone. Looks like the necro reg. Another item is "a scroll with ancient markings". You cannot transfer them to other players OR set them down on the ground. Apparently OSI didn't want newbs handing them out.
Heres how ya get em off ya "young" players. Simply have the item in your pack and drop 124 individual gold pieces in your pack(or until you have 125 items including the bone or scroll) then drag the item onto another player that isn't young. If you simple click to OK the transfer it goes back into your pack. SOwhile it is in the trade window, drag one more gold piece from the pile of gold in your pack and drop it somewhere else in your pack then click the transfer button. You should now have 126 items in your pack including the newb item that got bounced back to your pack. Now simply drag it around in your pack and it will drop to the ground. The other player can now pick it up.

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