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"Uninterrupted Provoking - public " submitted on 4/ 1 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Uninterrupted Provoking for submitting this bug.
Your own provoke area. This provoke technique requires a little prep work.

1. Find a rune to Dot Island (110 39N, 12 43E).
2. Have a boat or a boat deed in your backpack.
3. Go out and tame as many animals as you can find (I suggest goats, sheep, harts etc).
4. Gate your private petting zoo back to the island and release them.
5. Place your boat next to the island.
6. Now start your favorite provoking macro or start running a scripting program.
7. Enjoy hours of uninterrupted provoking fun.

Because this island is so small you wont have to worry about any of your animals wandering off and standing on your boat will prevent taking any damage. You should recycle your animals every few hours or when the gains drop off.

If youre looking for info on scripting or macros check the skill guide or the forums for help.


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