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"Bring Unlimited amount of pets to Brit for easy selling! " submitted on 8/ 23 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to EraZerburn for submitting this bug.
The only use I've found for this trick is for selling a bunch of pets at Brit Bank. It's a somewhat complex process so I've put it into steps for ease of use.

1) Start in Moonglow stable and gate a white wyrm(or pet of choice) to brit bank. Have the pet stay "all stay".
2) Recall back to Moonglow stable and log out.
3) Log back in and claim another white wyrm (or pet of choice) and gate back to brit bank and have it stay "all stay".
4) Recall back to Moonglow again and log out.
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 as much as you want.
6) When you are are ready to sell recall back to Moonglow and log out.
7) Log back in and recall back to Brit. The first pet you talk to will be the only one you can control. Transfer the pet of choice then recall back to Moonglow and log out.
8) Repeat step 7 as many times until your pets are sold.

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