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"Loot Dark Father By Yourself " submitted on 3/ 29 / 2004 IP:

Thanks to sublime for submitting this bug.
This is not a bug or an exploit, just a technique I came up with to cut down on looters on the Dark Fathers. First off, you must be a necromancer . Fight the dark father, and spirit speak the whole time so as to suck up all the dead corpses. Just before the Dark Father dies, cast animate dead (try to time it so the spell is still casting when it hits the ground), open the corpse, and animate the body. This will make the corpse practically impossible to loot for anyone who hasnt started looting already, because the bone pile that was the Dark Father's corpse is now buried under piles of other corpses and white wyrms! Now all you have to do is spirit speak the corpse, and anyone without a last target macro will also be left out!

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