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"Appear invisible to everyone without hiding. " submitted on 5/ 16 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to Ecnalyr for submitting this bug.
You have to be in one of the necro forms, I have tested with Wrait, and Horrific Beast and they both work.

You equip an axe item, any item that can be used to chop trees, and you go near a tree and use that axe that is equipped to chop at a tree.
you will be invisible!
this is becaues there are no animations for a beast chopping a tree, or a wraith, and it says missing animation at the bottom left of your screen.
You can just keep hitting last item>last target macros until your ready to appear.
this is very effective because if you make a macro for it you can just hit a button and just vanish, no matter where the peopel are on your screen! they cant see you, you will still be able to fight and them hit you, but noone can see you!!!
This is an awesome AWESOME strategy, especially in combo with double strikepainspike very surprizing!

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