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"Plague Beasts Made Easy " submitted on 11/ 20 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to asdf for submitting this bug.
This isn't a true bug, but a very helpful tip for defeating plague beasts on archersmages.

Go to a swamp, find a Plague Beast, without attacking just let it target and drag it towards a log cabin.

Lure it to the front of the cabin, a few tiles before the pb reaches the front, quickly run around the cabin and stay behind the cabin for a moment.

If done correctly the pb will go up the steps and to one side trying to reach you. Now just ease back down the side its on and stay back as far as possible and bomb away. If you are back 6-7 tiles it will never fling poison at you.

-Purple pots + explode + fire fields work well with this.

Hope it helps.

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