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"Enter the rez room of the gauntlet with your stuff " submitted on 1/ 17 / 2008 IP:

Thanks to DD for submitting this bug.
To enter the rez room in the gauntlet with all your items you must have spellweaving and a way to kill yourself.

Cast gift of life on your character and stand in front of the doors and kill yourself. As soon as you die and before the rez gump appears you need to take one step so that your standing on the door when the rez gump pops up.

Now rez on the doors and loot your bod and step off of the doors into the room with all your goodies in tact!

I use this to log out 100% safely in doom.

Another great idea is to take a bonded beetle on a tamer using a second account kill the beetle and have it follow you then do the weaving and kill yourself and once on the other side rez your beetle you can then bring items into the room for safe storage on the beetle and for extra safe measure have the tamer sit ON the beetle as it holds items for you.

Now you can farm the hell out of the gauntlet store items or whatever but always have a 100% safe place to log and store stuff!

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