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"200+ potions in your pack " submitted on 9/30 2:5 AM IP:

Thanks to Tester for submitting this bug.
It's kind of a silly bug.. but I use it for bunched together mobs (rat fort..etc..) for my little Bombing missions =)

Anyway.. Get out your GM alchemist... empty his/her pack and plop 200+ bottles in there (you might be able to use one of the other bugs to increase you max capacity.. not sure if they still work) and 2000+ ash. (leave your runebook to where you need to go as well as some basic regs you might need)

Get yourself a couple of mortars and in each of them create a greater explosion potion. Now make a UOAssit macro, to where you simply record double clicking on a mortar and targeting the mortar itself (instead of targeting a reg when you do this... it makes the last item your created in that mortar... makes for a cleaner lookin macro.. and put in a 1000ms if you use multiple mortars.) Let the macro run until you fill up all your bottles =) *poof* When your done.. 200+ Greater Explosion potions in your 125 max item count bag =)

What I do is I have a macro that double clicks on a purple pot. I hit that macro key.. target my target... *boom* rapid fire purple pots and not having to worry about ammo for at least 200 shots =) (Faster then double clicking a keg.. then hitting a macro for lob.)

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