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"Summoning your pet to Ilshenar " submitted on 12/ 13 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to Guardian for submitting this bug.
Have you tried clicking the pet summoning ball while in Ilshenar and all you get is a message that "you cannot summon your pet to this location"? Actually the message is misleading. You can summon your pet TO Ilshenar but you cannot summon it FROM the stables. Before going to Ilshenar summon your pet or just get it from the stables. Take it to someplace safe like your house and tell it to stay. Walk a couple of screens away so it won't recall with you and go to Ilshenar. After you have arrived in the place you want your pet, use the summoning ball and it will appear. This is good for getting it to a place that is too hard to drag it through with everything targeting it.

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