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""etheral" horse for 3 minutes " submitted on 9/15 4:35 AM IP:

Thanks to Luuc for submitting this bug.
1. dismount your normal horse
2. record with uoa the mounting of the horse
3. dismount again
4. cast invisiblty on your horse
5. play the uoa mount makro you recorded
6. walk around with your horse. when you dismount it it will be invisble again (works only about 3 minutes becaue then the invisible spell wears off)

you can use this bug to scam people
i.e. hide your horse, go to trammel west bank
say you are selling a bugged etheral horse
dismount (the horse dissapears) mount again walk a bit around do it again
you gotta try to find a customer within 3 minutes so i recommend to sell it for a cheap price (like 100 or 200 k)


This could also be used (possibly) by thieves. If your horse is setup so that when you dismount it is invisible. If you get off your horse while hidden instead of like normal where the horse appears but you stay hidden the horse stays invisi. So now you could stealth, steal and still have a getaway "vehicle"


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