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"Get your cakegift on all your x-shard characters! " submitted on 9/ 29 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Erwin for submitting this bug.

You won't get a 5 year birthday cake or other holiday gift if you haven't logged into that character in the last 60 days. Thus, alot of x-shard characters will be left without cakes.

There's a way around this. Follow the steps below:

1) Log into the character. Open backpack. Cake should not be there, since you haven't logged into that character recently.

2) Head over to the bank. Open your bankbox.

3) Close bankbox and backpack. Log out.

4) Log in again. Poof, the cake is now in your pack!

Note - this doesnt work with characters that were created AFTER the gifts were awarded. In other words, you can't create a new character today to get the cakes.

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