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"Free Months Of UO! " submitted on 1/ 17 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to A LOYAL ASKCHOPPER READER for submitting this bug.
Me and a friend tried this over the weekend.. He had a free game time code from one of his extra accounts.. we were on the phone together and he was going to use it for his main account so i asked him to let me try to use it at the same time.. And since if it took mine only i would just give him one of my gametime codes in return. But we both entered the code and waited for each other to get done before submitting it and then after we both got done we counted to 3 and hit submit and they both gave us a free months worth of time... (I guess since they went at the same time there wasnt enough time of it to register as being used already)...

Emjoy... (this worked on Jan 5, 2002)

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