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"Gain Easy Stats ( Faster See-Saw) " submitted on 12/ 9 / 2010 IP:

Thanks to Koris for submitting this bug.
Make sure you have maxed out skills limit. Buy it if you have to from trainers in town.
For this example ill use the skill Arms lore.
Make sure arms lore is 0. If your character is using arms lore in template, you can use Anat, or Eval, or Item ID. if you can't free up one of these skills on a character, delete the game.

Arms lore is @ 0. Make sure it and every skill you have is pointed up.
pick a stat you want to gain. Point it up.
Other stats can be locked or Pointed down depending on how you want to spread your stats out.

Use arms lore on item. You will get message like " you are not sure". You will NOT gain arms lore. You will eventually gain a stat point for the stat you pointed up. You will get to 125 in about 30 minutes. Just make sure you have stat points to give.

My Macro?
Classic client regular uo macro.
Use skill arms lore
wait for target
last target
Penny in keyboard

Uoautopilot spam macro

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