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"Get The AoS Fire Cloth a.k.a Quest Color Cloth " submitted on 9/ 18 / 2007 IP:

Thanks to HoMiE for submitting this bug.
Ok, here it is guys! hope everyone likes it!

** You Need 2 Chars or a Friend **

Step 1. Get the spellweaving quest in heartwood, and turn in 20 mushrooms.
Step 2. Get the second part of the quest ( the cotton part )
Step 3. Go anywhere that has a Spinning Wheel
Step 4. Drop the cotton on the ground on Char "a"
Step 5. double click the (regular NOT toggled as quest item) cotton on char "b" and leave the target cursor up!!
Step 6. Pick up the cotton on char "a" and toggle it as quest item
Step 7. Fill char "a" bag up to 125 items, drag the TOGGLED QUEST ITEM cotton and do the spell create food then drop the cotton on ur bag, it should drop to the ground
Step 8. Switch to char "b" and target the loom
Step 9. On Char "a" pickup the cotton and make it normal again.

Rinse and Repeat!

Recap - get the spellweaving quest, get the cotton, drop it near a loom, have a second char double click it and leave the target cursor up, then on the first char, pick the cotton up and toggle it as quest item, then overload urself to drop the quest toggled cotton, have ur second char target the loom, u now have 6 thread, do 4 normal thread and 1 "orange" and u have 6 bolts per cotton

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