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"Easy way to do chests by the harrower in khaldun. " submitted on 7/ 27 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Anubis for submitting this bug.
When your doing puzzle chests by the tentacles of the harrwer in khaldun it becomes difficult because if you stand next to the chest, the harrower will life drain you every few seconds for about 13 of your life. The normal way around this is to cast telekenesis on the chests. Instead of doing this, just teleport next to the chests and do them and the tentacle wont life drain you! Makes getting into the 5 chests there very easy. Each one has a 50% chance of having a bag of 50 of each red and a random lvl t map and all of them have about 700 gold and a magic item or few and some gems.

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