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"The Last Wisp You'll ever Summon " submitted on 8/ 25 / 2003 IP:

Thanks to User 00 for submitting this bug.
As a necromancer, the summon failiar spell allows you to summon a shadow wisp (the wisp helps by regenerating your mana).What i have found is that you can summon a shadow wisp and then stable it(this keeps the wisp from being able to be killed or flagging you grey if it attacks your enemy).So now u can go out and fight with your shadow wisp stabled and it STILL acts as if its at your side and regenerates your can tell this by burning some mana and then listening for the wisps chime sound (you will see your mana jump) Very nice for an added mana regen as a magenecro and even BETTER for a warrior necro who doesnt have very high intel.

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