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"Jumping facits and to fel dungens " submitted on 3/ 17 / 2004 IP:

Thanks to Phil muhcrackin for submitting this bug.
This bug will take u from tram to fel and from fel to tram if u do it correctly
this way is from tram to fel

first u need to go to tram and mark a rune(lets say inside of shame neer bloods.)

second u need to place a boat in fel where u can sail

third u gate onto the rune u marked in tram and when u go thru gate u will pop in fel bloods where u marked the rune.(very nice for pk)

you can do the way fel to tram.its not as good from tram to fel (because u cant mark runes in fel dungens.)

and u can do it to t2aanywhere that u can mark a rune

well there is my bug i hope it helps u out in sum sort of way ;)

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