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"Crafting Powerful Weapons " submitted on 3/ 29 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Balla for submitting this bug.
This isnt exactly a bug, it's just more of a trick.

If you have a GM smith or know someone with one, you can easily create weapons equal to power/vanq.

Materials :
Ingots/Smith hammer
access to owning a vendor

First pick the weapon you want to create, lets just say a short spear. Create a lot of short spears, like 10-20.

Take the short spears and put them on the vendor in a line. Do not set a price for any of the spears, just set them on the vendor.

Once you have them all on the vendor check the prices of each one, the higher the price, the higher the quality of the short spear. You will notice you find 70% of them are low price, 25% are medium, and 5% are high quality.

Recap of what we've learned:
1. Find a GM smith
2. Get a vendor
3. Create a bunch of the weapon you want
4. Put them all on the vendor without naming a price.
5. Take the highest priced ones and kill
6. Smelt the low priced weapons
7. Go kill things! =)
8. Rinse & Repeat.

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