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"Avoiding Timer On Some Talismans " submitted on 3/ 24 / 2008 IP:

Thanks to J for submitting this bug.
If you have a removal talisman (Ward Removal, Curse Removal, Wildfire Removal) you can avoid having to wear the talisman for the "recharge timer". All you have to do is dbl click the talisman when you are wearing it; take it off with the cursor still up; and replace it with your normal talisman (or none at all), just as long as the 'removal' talisman is in your pack. Then you click the person you wanna remove their cursewardwildfire && it begins recharging in your pack.

Great for sitting at the bank or at the gate to grief people. Use 4-5 talismans back to back and they all recharge at the same time. A stealther in fel can easily go around ward removing all their worst enemies this way =]

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