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"Log out and keep a Sigle!! " submitted on 1/ 17 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Cypher for submitting this bug.
This bug is very very VERY banable so I sugest using a dummy account. First Steal the sigle. YOU MUST BE THE ONE WHO STEALS IT. Try to steal another one even though you cannot. Walk over to the boundary wich prevents blue people from entering the base. Then log out. Quickly log back in and hide, then log out again. You should keep the sigle untill the next server down unless you place it!!! Please note. Gms will probably be called when the factioners scramble around for 4 hours without a sigle. The GMs will be able to trace who has the sigle and will more than likly ban you But if your quitting UO HAVE SOME FUN!!!!

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